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Why do we believe weird things? What does feminine intuition really mean? How do you become an effective activist for science and reason? Are you ready for a monthly show that poses these questions and more? Tune into the Token Skeptic for a slightly more skeptical look at stories in the news, urban legends, good science, pseudoscience, and what makes popular culture pop. Hosted and produced by philosophy teacher and radio broadcaster Kylie Sturgess.

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It started around a kitchen table, three friends reading out the erotic work of a retired dad  – and now it’s a podcasting sensation.

Jamie Morton of "My Dad Wrote A Porno" podcast never expected that “Belinda Blinked” (written by his dad, known only as "Rocky Flintstone") - would eventually lead to a live touring show, that is touring Australia (and heads to Perth’s Astor Theatre on the 24th August).

With over 50 million downloads, there’s bound to be a few fans of the pots and pans industry in the audience.

RTRFM reporter Kylie Sturgess asked Jamie about what was it like when the show first started getting downloads...


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